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Concrete-Filled Drilled Piers

Our experienced staff of environmental professionals including, engineers, project managers, and drill rig operators provide the type of service which insures the project is completed in the most professional and cost effective manner.

Test Borings: BDC provides cost-effective test boring services through soil sampling (conventional disturbed and undisturbed) and auger sampling methods. Computer generated boring logs groundwater well logs, and geologic profiles.

Split Spoon Sampling: BDC uses the ASTM 2186 testing method during geotechnical subsurface soil explorations.

Remedial Services: BDC has installed various remediation systems throughout New York State.

Monitoring Well Installation: BDC installs monitoring wells using PVC, stainless steel, HDPE, and Teflon piping materials in a variety of locations including; limited access areas, landfills, and high traffic areas.


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